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August 17, 2018

Cliques, how do you circumvent this obstacle?


I have to wonder why, fair-play, morals, and Integrity takes a back seat when one works in a place where clique exist. This makes it hard for a person trying to better themselves, when the playing field is unfair to people who try to excel by merits, Accomplishments or good work ethics, or by doing the best they can do.

To lose a promotion to someone less qualified is demeaning. People promoted by their affiliation to a clique, are the worst people for any position they lack the skills necessary. The friend, neighbor, Kinfolk clique are a never ending Obstacles.

A person, who works hard because they want the opportunity to Advance by their skills knowledge and workmanship, only to lose to a clique, is a travesty. This is why companies have high turnover rates; companies cannot stay competitive or productive, by advancing the wrong people.

This is the main Cause of a company’s loss of revenue. How do you find a company where you can Advance by your own merits, Do they exist? Do companies promote by Merit, anymore? Do companies appreciate good employees? Do skills, Knowledge and experience count? These are questions, whose answer seems to be no.


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