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August 17, 2018

What should be the new definition of: Journalism

What should be the new definition of: Journalism

Journalism: definition now should be the mismanagement of facts by adding bias prejudiced opinions and omitting what one don’t like and adding what they do like no matter how it changes the facts to fiction.

Creative writing of facts, which changes them to fiction And you add bias prejudice opinions and beliefs, this is the modern day version of news, which truly is FAKE NEWS.

This is the false hood they just created to put this lie out to mislead others into thinking their way. And in their minds how dare anyone disagree with them, they will come after you tooth and nail; to them they are the powers that be. Freedom of speech to them, is only free if you agree with them and not if you disagree.

This is also a combined effort of fake news journalist to mislead the public into their way of thinking, now let’s put this way of doing and thinking together, WOW this sounds like socialism, communism, or fascism, and like the Nazis anyone who disagrees with this group, they go after to ruin them in any way they can.

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