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August 17, 2018

Unscrupulous People & Company

Unscrupulous People & Company: Suicide

Second chain of events; all events go from most recent to past ones.

Did these unscrupulous people & company contribute to this person’s Suicide; of this person applicant knew, who worked for this company. Applicant remembers things that he believes led up to tragedy. This company does not seem to like to buy parts to repair its equipment. This company probably has the worst turnover rate of employees in the state. Now it looks like they are going to rank, as the company with the highest suicide rate.

Accidents & Parts; could have led to Suicide!

This company does not seem to like to buy parts to repair its equipment. This company probably has the worst turnover rate of employees in the state. Weeks before this person committed suicide he had to fix a pump that went out, and within the last 6 months at the wastewater plant there had been 2 accidents where a worker was exposed to chlorine gas and had to go to the hospital.

    Here we have another parts acquisition problem. Then It was said that corporate, was not going to like the incident, they would be all over it. Could this have contributed him committing suicide, a good possibility, since he was being investigated after the incident?

This person, who committed suicide, also attended supervisor meetings. He went to his supervisors and some above his immediate supervisor, to get approval for different at different type’s parts and equipment. Then suddenly he was told, he had to go through the chain of command. I believe this also had an effect on him; it was like he was being demoted, or deliberately pushed aside.

Sensors & Parts

There should have been sensors put in place after the first incident. The time it takes for this company to ok purchase request know as a (PR’s) takes months or more. When something happens they look for someone to blame, instead of their penny pinching finance department and the Hierarchy of this organization.

The suicide victim could have thought he was being made the fall guy. The only time you can get parts fast is if it ends up being an emergency were they can’t run some equipment or device without the part. Then it can still take a weeks or longer, if they cannot find it locally. The fact that sensors were not already on this equipment means, it would probably take even longer to get them approved, and then installed.

Hand held sensors.

The company had hand held sensor devices known as sniffers that detect different types of gases. They are hand held devices, two were bran new and not out of the box, the other one was used and needed calibration and no one including applicant new how to calibrate it. The other two new ones had never been plugged in to charge them.

Day before Suicide

The Thursday before the suicide this, happened on Friday morning. Applicant talked with victim about ways to stop exposure, applicant asks about the self-contained breathing apparatus (scba), victim told him, no one was trained in their use. This was on Thursday Feb 1st. It was not long after that when applicant and suicide victim see investigators go into Maintenance manager’s office. This could have also put him in a fall guy state of mind.

The next day was Friday Feb 2nd, and Applicant did not find out about suicide, till the work day was over and the head Manager for the facility, held a meeting after work to tell everyone. This hit applicant like a ton of bricks, he had never Knew anyone who he liked and was friends with, which committed suicide

What pushed victim over the edge

On Monday Feb 5th applicate told investigators he held company responsible. They tell him to go flip hamburgers s at McDonnell’s for 15 dollars an hour only here in Arizona, you will never get that much; to flip burgers and that would have been a raise to applicant, who only made 14.70 an hour.

    Now the witch hunt begins by investigators on applicant, also applicant is out of a job. This company investigator’s and HR person it seems is out to destroy applicant. Now they use a catch all company policy, which is a threat to applicant. Why do you think they would do this, think maybe an arterial motive to intimidate and shut applicant up, anything is possible with these people.

    What would cause a company to have more than one suicide in less than 5 years.

This company has had 3 or 4 employees commit suicide in less than 5 years, does anyone think there might be a problem, applicant thinks so, the way they are trying to impugn applicant’s character; If applicant was not a strong willed and defiant toward their onslaught he would have probably been added to the list of suicides, but he is not suicidal and if anything happens to him it will not be suicide.

Why is applicant writing this, to show just how underhanded some people and companies can be!

It’s truly a shame, Honesty and freedom of speech in this day and time will get you in more trouble than a lie.

This Unscrupulous erroneous insidious people & company with their egregious witch hunting could be a bad example of corporate America. This you would hope is not an example of all corporate America.

It seems people say this about companies that are owned or ran by corporation,                “(That’s corporate America)”
In this case than, could this be why this country, is in such dire straits.
This is the second of two articles, about events leading up to the travesties that happened to applicant and the loss of a friend.


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