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August 17, 2018

Unscrupulous People & Company: Employee (applicant)

Unscrupulous People & Company: Employee (applicant)

How does an Employee (applicant) who has been employed for six years at a company ran institution go from a good to a bad employee, with no write ups or any reprimands, in a 6 month period? It happens when cliques and Unscrupulous People & a Company put a friend in a position, instead of qualified a person. It happens when an Employee (applicant) is up against a clique of people and the company. When applicant tries for a promotion and the playing field is unfair. He protest and vents his frustrations. This is the start of an Insidious Egregious chain of events by Unscrupulous People & Company.

Electrical Instructor position open

Electrical Instructor terminated: The reason given for termination; pencil whipping paper work, very little knowledge of electrical trade. He was terminated and now Electrical instructor position open, applicant puts in for position, and another employee (core applicant) puts in.This is the start of  Unscrupulous People & Company’s Treacherous behavior.

Applicants for position: core applicant, applicant.

A position for an electrical instructor came open. At least two applicants applied, two weeks before an interview, the core applicant started talking to the other applicant, saying there was a plumbing instructor position coming open, to placate him. The position of plumbing instructor was nonexistent at this time. He kept saying that everyday right up until the day of the interview. 

These Actions speaking louder than words!

He also said senior instructor ask him what course book he would like to look at, he said the core book. This was telling applicant he already had the position. Applicant saw senior instructor and was telling how interested in the position he was, senior instructor just laughed at him. Core instructor also worked around these other instructors and supervisors. He also attended company meetings with a supervisor, who was from that department. These actions are like saying he has already got the position before any interview had taken place.

Day of Interview

The interview was on a Wednesday and the applicant with the core applicant says he is busy and cannot make the interview, so only applicant is interviewed, the next day Thursday the core applicant says he is interviewed, but one of the interviewers was not there. This interviewer was to interview him Friday, so Friday comes around and he says he got the position. Talk about a scam or premeditated setup this is it.


Core applicant had 3 years with company applicant had six years with company, core applicant had no electrical background, and applicant’s background showed he had worked for several electrical companies. And applicant knows he is more qualified, because he worked with the core applicant in the maintenance department and had several time gotten him electrical parts for the jobs core applicant was working on.

The most amazing thing about this teaching program is that it is actually backed by a company called NCCER which is (National Center for Construction Education and Research.)


Does fair play exist, does experience, skills, knowledge or even education count for anything, not at this place? You have to play politics there or you lose out. If you play politics or kiss up then you are in like Flynn. If you are a good employee and say something about this unfair treatment, look out the witch hunt is on.

After the unfair treatment applicant vented and While venting , he protested this and told them this was not right and neither one got the position, another interview was with 5 interviewers plus department head, and still the job was not awarded to either one. The HR person told the most experience applicant that a person with a bachelor degree got the job. A while later the HR told a different story.

Core applicant’s refusal to take call in phone

Both applicants worked in the same department, and they each had to carry the call in phone for a week, in case of emergencies after normal working hours. When the applicant tried to pass the phone to the core applicant for his week, the core applicant would not take it and told other applicant to get. So another person tried to give phone to him and he would not take it so it was given to supervisor to give it to him. He is not reprimanded or anything for his underhanded behavior.

Attitudes of other workers toward applicant.

After that other people friendlier to core applicant acted different toward applicant and one told applicant he was a special friend of core applicant, applicant told this person that he could see were that was going and this person stopped talking. Talk about things being unfair and going south fast, this happened. Where was the fair play toward applicant? why did so many people dislike applicant and go along with this unfair setup? What could anyone do to deserve this travesty? This seems so nefarious to applicant.

Other travesties by core applicant.

Core applicant was under investigation whether or not that is true, I am not sure of it is also said that he is on probation. This happened afterward about some other thing he did, this just adds to   corruption. This is applicant’s opinions and beliefs based on all that has happened up to this point. It would be nice to find A place where skills, knowledge, experience, education and merit count


Next article; is a summation of all issues; and how politically correct, is a noose around all honest Americans necks! unscrupulous people and company’s corrupt acts have ill effects on everyone.

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