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July 17, 2018

Trump: Campaign Promise, Abolish Obamacare, IS He Backsliding?

This could be the start of a backsliding epidemic,

Abolish Obamacare no revisions, like Ryan-care, they say trump wants to back Ryan-care. The bottom line is simple, get rid of Obamacare. this was put in by the democrats and rino republicans against 85% of Americans, that said no to it. Obamacare or Ryan-care have other Things added, that have nothing to do with health care.Only one third of Obamacare deals with health insurance.

The other parts deals with giving criminal politicians more power and taking away more rights from the American citizens. All Ryan-care is, is a revision with a different name. So how is this part of draining the swamp. Is he going to become part of the swamp. This is not draining the swamp. Could he end up becoming the biggest alligator or crocodile in the swamp. This is the type of underhanded things the democrats do.

Does Trump understand, This is how democrats do things.  This is reneging on his campaign promise. He Should not be backsliding on Obamacare. Trump is use, to being boss and in a position of power. This could turn into a night mare for us. I think he could be a good manager, yet I worry about him ending up another dictator like Obama was. A person who has to get his way no matter what. Health insurance needs to remain in the free market, out of government control.

The free market needs to deal with this, not the government. This is just a way to take away more rights of the people. This is also a way for the government to get tyrannical control of the country and people in it.


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