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August 17, 2018

Media Bias, Fake News

Liberals & Liberal Media Bias.

Liberal bias, media bias, is fake news, This is the liberals true colors, they have been doing and showing, for a long time and no one noticed, now we all notice, (WE THE PEOPLE) HAVE NOTICED AND SPOKEN, GET USE TO IT, WE ARE TIRED OF LIBERAL BIAS; From Lewis, to women lib, to every racist liberal type person in the country. Look at the riots, vandalism, intimidation tactics, slander, larceny, violent demonstrations, attacks on people who do not go along or say what they want. None of what they do, can be considered a peaceful protest, all are violent protest.

How can anyone say they are peaceful after all their, violence, prejudice, races bating, hate mongering, rioting, vandalizing, intimidating, looting, communist, socialist, fascist behavior. They claim this is what people who disagree with them does, I have seen no evidence to back their claims up, it seems the reverse is true.

All the recent and past events say otherwise. This shows their true colors. The truth, facts, recent and past history, tells the tale, Believe it or not.


this makes you wonder if all liberals are lazy spoiled brat children that have never grown up in mind, and their body’s matured and out grew their minds, it is my believe and opinion that these socialist, communist, fascist, Nazi behavior is because they are mostly people who live off of the tax payer’s on the welfare, or entitlement type programs and think they are untitled when they are not, they need to learn they are only entitled to what they work for, not what is stole from other who work hard, and gave to them by the rich liberal progressive who think they can tell everyone what to do and control all the people every minute of the day.

Liberalism is taking from the hard-working and giving to the lazy to buy votes to gain more power. So what do liberals really want, this is simple, absolute control, absolute power. and to live off of the working man or woman like kings.

Let’s take a look at the recent democratic presidents,

Jimmy Carter a peanut farmer that cause problems for Georgia as a Governor and went on to be president and cause problems for the whole country,

Bill Clinton a draft dodger that visited communist country at a time when they were closed to the rest of the world,

Obama a person said to be born in another country, who became a citizen of Indonesian and has never been proven to be a natural-born citizen of the United States.  His background hid from all Americans, which in itself says to me he had no right to hold the highest office in the land, but he did and so far has gotten away with it.

What has this party and it liberal media and followers done for the US; nothing but a history of destruction by what seems to be a bunch of brain washed followers. These followers want everything given to them and do not want to work for a living. And their rich master the criminal elite (rich liberals), keep them going and live like kings. This is my belief and opinion and it is based on all the crap they have pulled in the past and present. liberals lust for absolute power and control knows no boundaries. Their brainwashed followers are nothing more than useful idiots. all the dictators of the world past and present always had their useful idiots and when they did not need them anymore they got rid of them. History does tell the tale and does repeat itself and each time is worst then the time before.

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