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August 17, 2018

The Ice Age of Employment is Returning!

IS The Ice Age of Employment Returning!

The Ice Age of Employment is Returning, from when the industrial revolution began? A company’s decadent ways, with their bullies, cliques hierarchy and unscrupulous demeanor, is showed by mandatory overtime, and in other ways. Right to work states are where they get away with these unscrupulous deeds.

Right to work states for companies, we need right to work for employees, to get fair play.

Right to work for companies now we need right to work for the employee, who does his job and does not get fair treatment. Right to work states are now starting to be the breeding ground of a new era of unfair work practices that are against the good employees.

Promotion by skills, knowledge, experience and merit!

The lazy employees or employees with lesser skills, knowledge and experience promoted over the competent ones, who are skilled. This happens because of being a friend, neighbor, kinfolk or just kissing up to the bosses. Also companies talk about their best interest which is usually not in the best interest of any skilled employee. when these type of incompetent employees are promoted over the competent ones, it becomes a domino effect of unfair company practices.

Crooked catch all company policies!

These days companies have new catch all policies like work place harassment or sexual harassment and workplace violence just to name a few. And in a right to work state companies can really pull Shams on their employees. These company policies are used to threaten, intimidate and bully people into silence.

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