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August 17, 2018

Soros and his FAKE NEWS,

Soros and his FAKE NEWS.


fake news; is what all the major medias have been putting out by hiding facts and the truth from the American people. soros owns stock in most of them and he has been manipulating, the news media and social medias like Facebook, google and any other he can get his criminal fingers into.  he follows the past Hitler peoples idea,  who he collaborated with. that when you tell a lie enough times over and over people will believe it. and that happens a lot, except now that trump got elected he knows it does not always work, now he has started the fake news craze, only he describes himself and the major media outlets he controls or manipulates, when he say fake news. the good thing is people are getting wise to his crap. to him anything like the truth and facts are fake especially if it does not go along with his world order take over plans. him and his liberal media friends ideas are like this saying or quote: freedom of speech, if we have it, is only, if we go along with the powers that be.

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