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August 17, 2018

Russia’s and Americas Differences and Their Islamic Muslim Stupidity !

Russian and American Relations after WW2

In world war two; Russia and America were allies. Since world war two Russia and the United States have been on opposite sides of every conflict either one was involved in. My first memory of this is Vietnam. They were also fighting in Afghanistan and consequently, we helped the opposition against them.

When world war two was over, General Patton wanted to fight Russia. The bad part about the end of this war was, Russia taking advantage of country that where weakened by the war and taking them over, Countries like Hungry, Poland and others.

It would seem Russia is out to conquer anyone they can. In recent years they have taken over Georgia and furthermore they are taking land from the Ukrainians And in addition to this aggression, now they are in Syria.

Hillary and Obama’s regime funded the rebels and gave those weapons; Putin gives Syria president help by weapons and training. Here we have again another Afghanistan or Vietnam, opposite sides funded opposite factions. The question to ask is will this stupidly end.

The Islamic Muslim Empire

The especially relevant part of this is the Islamic Muslim Empire, which goes by the Koran, there so called holly book. Their government and religion is entwined. It is my belief and opinion that the Islamic empire is an empire of evil, and the Koran proves this.

A man once wrote a book about the Koran. Some of the verses in this Koran, he called the satanic verses. When this author wrote this book and published it, the Muslims put a bounty on him for a million dollars, to have him killed. When you read these verses in the Koran you will most likely agree with this person views.

In medieval times you had the crusades against this evil empire at the time referred to as the Saracens. In the United States you have had liberals and some Hollywood people say the crusades were evil and started the conflict back then. This is not true and the proof is simple. The Saracens hordes were running rampant all over Europe at that time and had been murdering and conquering 500 years before the crusades. My thoughts on that subject are that the crusades were spawned, by the murdering conquering deeds of the Saracens.

American and Russian stupidity against Ancient Evil!

In this day and time Muslims are still the same type of people with the same beliefs. Now you have Russia backing Syria’s ruler and Hillary was giving aid to the rebels. The amazing thing about all of this is we should have left them alone and let them murder each other. When it comes to Muslims and the Koran one faction is as bad as or worse than the other.

One of the most amazing things about the Muslims is there Prophet Mohammad. The history on this prophet seems to show he was a bandit. It seems this bandit supposedly became a prophet. This belief in this so called prophet seems to be the basis of their evil ways. So when you put this together with their Shari law and the verses in the Koran how can anyone say there are moderate or even good Muslims.  When you read these verses in the Koran, it tells me Muslims are all dangerous, with deadly beliefs.

My Summation!

I base this article on things, I have read about Muslims and Islam. I see two super stupid powers, Vying to shake hands with devils and demons, in power and control struggle only the Satan the devil can win. This is if you have a strong belief in religion. Satan is the representative of true evil in a lot of religions.

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