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July 17, 2018

POLITICS: Government & Companies!

POLITICS: Government & Companies! A Backstabbing Cutthroat Decorum!

The different types of syndromes, the lies and Treachery of these types of people who use politics. they have backstabbing cutthroat traits that contribute to the evolution of  undesirable partisan superiors, which causes the destruction of self-motivated employee, supervisor or officials  that causes deterioration’s in governments and companies.


Politics:  the lie before the lie, the lie after the lie, the lie within the lie, the lie added to the lie, the lie multiplied by the lie, the lie divided by the lie, the lie subtracted from the lie, the lie on top of a lie, the lie on the bottom of the lie. The lie to try to cover up a lie!  Politics is always a lie. Liberty is always affected by politics.

Pints & politics: the easiest way to cover up the lie, after a lots of drinks, they say I don’t remember.  Is also the easiest way to lie? I was drunk, don’t remember. So I guess a lie goes better after a drink.


Traits of politics or politicians (people who practice politics): the practice of lying. This is the Backstabbing Cutthroat Decorum in action Known as politics.

Good old boy Syndrome! The buddies, buddies, neighbor, friend kinsfolk Syndrome!  The, I does not like him Syndrome! The political suck-up Syndrome! The boss hires, who his boss says when he or she says syndrome! The left out because you might be a threat syndrome! The difference of opinion syndrome! These Are all company and government hiring and promoting Syndrome’s! liberty, productivity, fair-play, ethics, morals, and integrity all suffer because of these syndromes.

Fair-play honesty, ethics, morals, integrity, skills, knowledge, and experience about a job or situation, are completely useless. The syndromes take over or have their own precedents every-time.

Do companies hire the best qualified applicant? in my experience the answer is no. one of their excuses is: I don’t think you would be a good fit? Why would they say this, because they look for people, who will go along, to get along? Not for objective types who could be helpful by input. They feel threaten by objective people.  First impressions are another, if they like or dislike. They seem to  prefer syndromes. they claim to be equal opportunity employer’s , yet they are not equal opportunity. they are bias in the hiring practices.

Alienation: not one of the crowd or group, an outsider. These are all Politics in it merciless forms. They will bring outsider in if they fill threaten; if you are not one of their group, you will get fewer opportunities.


 Why are companies losing out to competitors and governments becoming overbearing and power and control freaks? The answer is Because of these syndromes types of people. It is hard to take action against these people. It is hard to bring about fair play. Syndromes types are always embedded deep in Companies and Government! we have no way to combat this type of politics, were we have no say in what matters. the policies are made by the syndromes, owners, CEO’s or government politicians.  Most government politicians are syndromes.


The results of the Backstabbing Cutthroat Decorum, Known as politics.

They are unproductive and dangerous. Usually lazy people’s end up as a syndrome type person and survives off of the productive people. while causing the productive people damage and holding them back from promoting or bettering themselves, monetarily and otherwise.

Syndrome types are usually inconsiderate, selfish arrogant, overbearing, self-centered, sneaky, underhanded, not pro-active, usually no initiative and think they know everything, full of self-importance; they like to show their power, usually the power of position they hold, and are above everyone else.

This is also a straw boss mentality; sadly it seems the whole country is turning into a straw boss mentality. One leader is worth a million straw-bosses. A leader is usually a person that knows the ins and outs of the job with experience knowledge and skills that will make all endeavors profitable or better managed for the organization, company or government.

These people are always left in the dark, because people with lesser skills fear their abilities. They want the money and position, yet they don’t want to earn them. They will do whatever it takes to get these positions, back-stab, setup, character assassinate, run down, change things a knowledgeable person says or use in a derogatory manner! They purposely lead them in a conversations, to get them to say something usable about other employees or supervisors. they use this to benefit themselves by telling on the other employee. They belittle them in any way, to put them in a constant bad light, To put themselves in a good light.

These are my observations I have concluded by events and experiences. This is a lifetime of beliefs and opinions put into this article. if i remember other things I will add them to this article.

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