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July 17, 2018

Perceptions, Trust, Deception, Undue Stress, Setups & Frame-ups!

The Burger Flipping Investigators, the Suicide Person, the Venting Person!

? Burger flipping investigators: what is considered a setup, what is considered being framed? And what is considered venting, workplace violence, or witch hunting. What do you consider as a toxic workplace or hostile workplace, made hostile by turning others against a single person! Or one person’s continual act, over time against another.

Burger flipping investigators, 15 dollars an hour with any type of benefits would be considered a raise. There are no such places at this time, are you truly good, at what you do. It seems you would rather frame or setup someone up or witch hunt, and not find out the truth.
What started the witch hunt? Friend commits suicide, a hard thing to take.

Friday at end of day a meeting is held and for maintenance and they are told about the suicide. Person vents by leaving room saying, “I got to get out of here”, fireman follows to talk, person come back to room and vents again.

This is on a Friday, weekend for venter rough because this person tries to figure out why. Venter comes to conclusion something at the work place cause this person to commit suicide. Something triggered this person. Venter without thinking tell investigators company to blame, basically vents thoughts, investigator were evidently investigating suicide person. So this ends up being slap in face. Unintentional as it was. This starts the witch hunt on venter.

This work place has way to much undue stress!

People antics are a demeaning, frustrating, type of undue stress. This will cause one to alienate themselves from these people, as much as possible. A person will do this to minimize the possibility of setups or frame-ups. What started this travesty, simply, after a person committed suicide; you hated someone saying they held you responsible, this is when you and all the other’s started going out of your way to destroy this person by any means possible. One does not go from good employee of six years to bad one in six months or less.

Not a violent person at all. Proof is in the pudding as they say. Hurt is what venter is. At a loss because of circumstances that are unfortunately beyond venter’s control. Venter has always held hope of fair play. Trust and distrust are major issues in everything, trust and respect have the same problems, they are so hard to gain yet so easily lost when unfair events happen, ones reaction in the spur of the moment in times of distress and hurt does not define that person. What a person says under these conditions is never well thought out. Yet capitalization by unscrupulous people seems to be inevitable.

    The stress and Anxiety has also caused health problems, venter has gone to the doctor and hospital several times and all they found out was a little stomach problem, which does not explain any of the other problems. The problems are anxiety and ulcers, caused by the undue stress and the last six months of painful travesties.

When is, a company considered people or just an Entity of Entities?

An HR Perception: a company is the people; some companies are the people. And some are an entity within entities.

A company that is the people definition, in some opinion is: people are content, company runs smooth, very few job openings, company does good, good moral. Good leadership, a team environment, there’s no back stabbing or cut throating or micro-managing in this type of environment. People do their jobs without undue stress and are basically happy.

This is a description of a company that is an Entities within and Entity: you have: Hierarchy, cliques, bullies, micro-managers, discontent people, and bad moral, make no mistake there is always some good people in these types of companies. This company has massive employee turnover, and there is always a reason for this. And if you were able to ask these employees that quit why, it is highly likely, that the answer would not be favorable to this company.

There is an ongoing investigation, to destroy venter, by trying to make a nonviolent person, look like a violent one. Winston Churchill said; “(a lie will go half way around the world before the truth can get its pants on)”. What he did not say is; lies can stick forever.

This can be considered a toxic, hostile environment to some. Laziness and undermining acts towards others makes undue stress and is a type of hostility toward others. The things one will put up with, to hold a job. Holding a job under these conditions, is stressing. Venter has had six years of stress and undue-stress. The last six months, to a year have been the worst for unfair underhanded tactics. This company based on what venter has endured and seen, is his opinion of an Entities within Entity.

    This is a travesty. also people should read any paper they sign, if they sign a paper with a lie on it that makes them liable. if they tell a lie about someone that is slander, if they call someone to set them up by recording conversation that’s entrapment.

What is a toxic work environment?

A toxic workplace is a workplace that is marked by significant drama and infighting, where personal battles often harm productivity. … Quite similarly, Harder et al. (2014) define a toxic work environment as an environment that negatively impacts the viability of an organization.

Urban Dictionary: Venting

If we are not allowed to vent , we end up bottling up our emotions which is detrimental to the human psyche and can end up suffering from it’s side effects. Such as Ulcers, depression , high blood pressure, anxiety migraines, fatigue. The list goes on and on. So when you find yourself in the position of being the receiver of .

Venting definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary
Venting definition: the act of venting or expressing emotion | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
What is considered violence in the workplace?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) a department of the United States Department of Labor defines workplace violence as “any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site.
What are the three criteria for evaluating behaviors of concern? When people go into a crisis state, it affects the way they think, feel, and behave. Stress is cumulative and the road to violence is a progressive one. That is why frequency, duration, and intensity are all critical criteria when evaluating Behaviors of Concern. This does not fit venter.

Let’s add one: undue stress, over a long periods of time caused by persons or person you have to interact with.

Use undue: in a sentence. Adjective. The definition of undue is something extreme, or inappropriate. An example of undue is a stressful situation that doesn’t need to be stressful; undue stress. An example of undue is giving someone a hard time when they make a decision; undue criticism.

Mental anguish; generally, “mental anguish” translates to certain types of suffering that may include distress, anxiety, fright, depression, grief, or trauma. This can be cause by others.

companies catch all policies can actually be a threat to people when used wrong.

PS: a high employee turnover in a company is and indication of a problem, people looking for employment should consider this when applying for a job.

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