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August 17, 2018

Party Limits

Party Limits, Equal party representation, democrats, republicans, liberals, constitution, independents.

Put Party limits on all parties, in congress and in the senate.We need more Independents, Constitutionalist and Libertarians in government. we only have two parties now republicans and democrats. This is to restrain parties from absolute control of our government.

Party Limits, No Party Majorities

We should disallow any party from having a majority, in either senate or congress. Party limits on all parties, libertarians, independents, constitutional, republicans, democrats. we should push for party limits to get an equal amount of people in all parties as representatives. Example: if you have 50 people and 5 parties, each party, can have no more than ten people, in senate or congress. The only people who can have more in either house or senate is independents; because they don’t belong to a party. we need to add libertarians, independents, and constitutionalist.

 Voting with opposite Party.

If an independent votes a lot with any party, you can consider that person, part of that party. When democrat or republican votes majority of time with opposite party, consider them part of the party they vote with. When this happens you literally have a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The Republican Party has that problem, with the rino’s and good old boys. These are really democrats claiming, to be republicans. the idea is to have party limits so no party can use a majority to enact laws we do not want. we need to add these parties, libertarians, independents, constitutionalist to have better party limits to equalize and stop any party monopole’s.

Limit Time spent in State and Washington DC

Party limits on time congressmen or senator’s can stay in Washington year around. They must stay in their state a minimum of 6 months or 1/2 a year. Which gives them 1/2 year or 6 months in Washington or less, and less is better! This should also put them in touch with the people they represent. Party limits on all these parties libertarians, independents, constitutionalist, republicans, democrats to equalize the playing field and put the government back in the hands of the American people, A government by the people for the people, not by the parties.

Party limits on backroom deals, out of the public eye

This will make criminal backroom deals harder to pull off. We can stop them from being in Washington all year around. 6 months also makes it harder for the criminal elite to operate. The less time they spend in Washington, the better. When parties do backroom deals, they are never good for the country or people. Time limits will stop all parties libertarians, independents, constitutionalist, republicans, democrats from staying in Washington year around.

Party Limits and Term limits, are good for the states also

 Party limits are also a good way for states to do and term limits also . we need to add these parties libertarians, independents, constitutionalist,  to states and well as the federal government. This will stop monopolizing parties or people from getting control of this country. This is to put the government, local, state and federal back into the hands of WE THE PEOPLE, Where It Belongs.



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