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August 17, 2018

The Buddy, Buddy, Kinfolk, Neighbor, Job Discrimination in the U.S.

Job Discrimination in the U.S, by who you know instead of what your know.

Fair play, integrity, morals, ethic and honesty in local, state, federal governments, and companies is none existent. Job Discrimination is The buddy, buddy, kinsfolk neighbor system of networking. This is Discrimination against the knowledgeable skilled experience person.

This job discrimination is astronomical and costly to companies and governments whether local state or federal. This is also infuriating, demeaning, insulting and discriminatory, against people who are the most qualified.

The buddy, buddy, kinsfolk system, is Job Discrimination

The political or buddy, buddy, networking by less experience or qualified people is getting more common all the time. This is the root cause of companies and countries not being able to compete in the global market.
It’s not about cheap labor; it about supervisors, that are unqualified. These Supervisors are picked for, who they know and not what they know. Their knowledge is far below the standard needed to accomplish the job. They are not People who have the skills, knowledge and experience and save companies money.

It is also about skilled people who are at the mercy of this discriminatory system. Unskilled people kin to or friends with supervisors are hired on a regular basis’s. This is also a major problem with companies and one of the causes of high turnover rate of employee’s. It is also a political problem. This problem is also known as nepotism.

How management multiple’s their problems.

When companies have these types of supervisor’s and they train other in supervising, this problem is amplified. Companies that have major employee turnover are companies with major management problems. Management problems are supervisor problems. Wages are not always the problem that causes turnover of employees!

A supervisor who hire’s, someone to appease their Superior’s are usually playing up to them. This is a sign of an incompetent person, who is trying to insure they can keep their job. Companies with these types of supervisor and have their own management training, usually through training. multiply their problems. This is literally the blind leading the blind.

Hiring Unqualified People, is Job Discrimination Multiplied

It is criminal for lesser qualified people, to be in positions over, the skilled experience person in any field. This problem is destructive and discriminatory against experience people.

The most qualified person, for a supervisor job, will always be the person who worked the job from the ground up. This person knows everything about the job he/she is doing. It is experience doing the job that will make the difference. It is the experience employee that makes a company competitive.

 Job Discrimination is a downfalls that can be cured

To cure this type of problem you have to start at the top and work your way down. The choices you have are to retrain or replace this management style. Supervisors of this type are very costly.

The downfalls of companies and government are caused by hiring people not qualified. The political arena is an example, and a bad one, that has destroyed the country and people. Professionalism is out the door with the professional being at the mercy of these criminal types
Criminal type systems, like the Buddy, Buddy, kinsfolk, Neighbor, put lesser qualified people are usually setting the stage for failure.  Some hiring companies call this networking, it is stupidity that corrupts. They are hired by who they know, instead of what they know, and they do not possess the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to do the job. Networking like this is a way of multiplying incompetence.

People need to pursue a Remedy for Job Discrimination

People that are discriminated against in this way, need to pursue a remedy that promotes fair play, honesty, integrity and ethics in the work place. This is a detrimental to competent people. It creates a hostile work environment by not being fair to all.

People that complains about these unfair tactics they run the risk of retaliation, work place harassment, hostile work environment or even the loss of their job. the loss of any good employee is detrimental to the company or group they belong to.


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