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July 17, 2018

Hostile work environment, what criteria s can be considered hostile.

Hostile work environment

what criteria s can be considered hostile.


1. Clique’s are definitely hostile to the honest hard-working individuals.


2. Disagreements were opposing party turns people against his opposition.


3. Alienation, were people don’t want to associate with you because of another.


4. Unfair work practices or unprofessional behavior.


5. Intimidating and bullying behavior.


6. Discrimination by groups against an individual.


7. Conduct by person not doing their job, which affects another’s ability to do their job.


8. Advancement discrimination.


9. Shutting doors in people faces.


10. Abusive language, they can make anything said abusive if they want. 

The list goes on and on, this causes bitterness, resentment. Some unscrupulous employees are well adept at using these tactics against others. Especially when they have connections high up, no matter how good an employee is, they will destroy that person. Good employees who voice their grievance become alienated and fear termination, before finding a better place of employment. Their only option is to minimize contact. Former employer can cause problem, when perspective employer ask would they rehire them and they say no. proving unfair tactics and discrimination, is near impossible, when many go along; to get along.

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