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August 17, 2018

Gov. Cuomo demands Trump, Congress ‘DO SOMETHING’


Gov. Cuomo demands Trump, Congress ‘DO SOMETHING’



I say Cuomo you’re the governor it’s your state you do something.




I will say this to Gov. Cuomo, what are you doing to lead, you said Trump was elected to lead, you are governor of New York, and what are you doing, besides crying. How are you leading New York, clean your mess up! You talk about: Columbine, Virginia tech, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Orlando, Parkland, and Santa Fe. It is Time for you to quit talking and start thinking of ways to stop these types of atrocities. You are governor of New York, Trump is not the governor of any state.


 You let the criminal media sensationalize, embellish, exaggerate and aggrandize these atrocities; this does not help; it only breeds more crazy criminal copycat and stupid idiots.


Some politicians use these incidents to push their agendas, and act like they care. Politicians seem to only care about power and control. They seem to indirectly give these idiots ideas, by pushing their agendas, and media crap.


 Cuomo don’t be a part of the problem, be a part of the cure, and quit crying to someone else to act, you act. You can believe guns are not the problem; politicians are problem. The Breaking down of family values is part of the problem.


Places that are known to have a lot of citizens with firearms have a low crime rate, the crooked media and politicians are not telling people this. Making gun free zones, is only making target zones, now schools are these target zones. One of the main reasons this is happening at schools is because these idiots can do massive damage in minutes, and get lots of stupid media coverage.  This murderous seems to be on the rise. You have to start wondering if someone is going around brain washing these idiots into doing these atrocities. This sure fits in with the liberals agendas.


 When Hitler was running for office to take over Germany, he had his people doing criminal acts, while he protested them and acted like he would stop the criminals. All the while he was behind the criminals using there violence and crimes to help get him elected. I added this information to get people to think outside the box. This hopefully will get people thinking about all possibilities.


The criminal politicians who are looking for gun control in my opinion are like Hitler they will lie to get what they want, and what they want is not really gun control; but a way to use gun control and other ways to take away all our rights and to get absolute control over everybody and everything.


These same liberal politicians and there liberal allies all have some kind of security. Normal medium class and poor people don’t have security guards or bodyguards. Criminal politicians like you Cuomo are the biggest part of the problem.






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