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July 17, 2018

Do companies care about good employees or skilled ones?

Do companies care about good employees or skilled ones?


My Thoughts are companies do not care about good employees, they use them up or burn them out. I have worked in areas and tried to improve the machinery preventive maintenance. When I left these areas and moved into other areas, it seemed the ones I left became worse off. whether it is from the people taking over not being able to keep them up or just not enough time to fix them who knows the cause, no matter how hard I worked or tried to show the company my worth, I cannot get no place.

 It seems doing the job means nothing, playing politics or kissing up gets you promotions faster that doing a good job. If you say anything, you get people mad and spiteful toward you. I have tried for higher paying jobs, just to watch them bring someone in from the outside instead of someone already working for them.

Now I am trying again for a better paying job where I work, but it is already looks like a repeat of the first time; I went for a better paying position. I am discriminated against because I voiced my opinion. and I am still mad about the way this happened the first time, in the so-called interview, one of the major persons to interview got up and walked out, this was insulting and this was how I knew the job was already decide before interview who would get it.

Ethics honesty morals integrity fair play what happened to them, it would seem they do not exist in this day and time. Stand up for yourself, voice your opinion and you screw yourself.

Frustrated, hurt, disgusted, demoralized is what I have become along with my health going downhill on account of the work situation and stress.

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