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August 17, 2018

CORRUPTION, Government, Companies, Corporations, Nations

CORRUPTION, Synonyms and Antonym


CORRUPTION: synonyms are: dishonesty, exploitation, sleaze, bribery, fraud, venality, vile. ANTONYM is: honesty, talk about a total opposite. These synonyms describe one of the root causes of all the problems on this planet; in governments, companies, corporations and nations. the root cause of corruption is laziness. The want of things not earned by your labors, but by the labor of others.

CORRUPTION in Governments, Companies, Corporations, and Nations.


The tentacles of corruption reach into everything. The synonyms describe all aspects of the problems . Laziness is one of the root causes. To many people want, what they did not work for. They find ways to survive off of the fruits of others labors. The industrious person works and accomplishments are stolen, by the lazy people. industrious people lose credit for their labors and ideas. Why should anyone work if someone else is going to steal what they worked for or created.

The hard-working person will lose all reason to work, now you have the start of a third world economics, were everyone wants to live off of everyone else and no one produces anything.

Governments & Companies promotions are not base on Skills, Knowledge, Experience or being an industrious hard-working employee, but merely on politics, butt kissing. Employees who get promoted; for who they know, are kin to, or who they kiss up to. they are the roller coaster of inept supervisors or leaders to come. This trend continues, they liken people, who are like themselves and feed off of the skilled knowledgeable experienced industrious employee.

These employees have to go elsewhere or learns to do likewise. this is the destruction of work ethics and is Demoralization, frustration follows, if you can get something, for nothing, by politics or networking to know people, to advance, by bypassing the skilled experience knowledgeable person, why work. the skilled experience person should be the one to advance. if the skilled person says anything about this unfair advancement, he then runs the gauntlet of spite, harassment and alienation.

Management or Miss-management, is the norm in this day and time.

This CORRUPTION is in Governments, Companies, Corporations, and Nations. This causes lower production, no inventiveness, no self motivation, and lose of self-esteem. This fuels degeneration of the people and country. it opens the doors to poverty and a third world economy.

When you take from other’s who produce, you set the stage for laziness on a larger scale.

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