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July 17, 2018

Characteristics of the Worst Companies to work for!

Characteristics of the Worst Companies to work for!

The Characteristics that make companies; a bad work environment and hostile workplace!

1. Bad management
2. Micro management
3. Head of HR Incompetency
4. Witch hunting Investigators’
5. Cliques.
6. Bad Attendance
7. Incompetence
8. Lazy employee’s
9. Bullying
10. Lying
11. Horseplay
12. Slander
13. Liable
14. Character Assignation.
15. Condescending attitudes towards others.
16. Hostility towards others.
17. Framing and setting employees up, by other employees.
18. Backstabbing cutthroat employees

Places like this make a hostile work environment!

They are also dangerous to their employees and the people of the area. A work place like this is a major cause of work place violence at the work place and to the surrounding area. Also places like this; use workplace violence and sexual harassment as catch-all policies to use against people who speak out against them. They use such policies as threats to anyone who speaks in opposition. This causes high employee turn overs. They also terminate employees who speak their mind or complain about unfair treatment.

A Company policies and financial responsibilities will affect employees and the company as a whole!

Bad policies and financial management will cause the general welfare and the moral of company employees to deteriorate. The whole infrastructure is affected. Were finance are held so tight, keeping complex facilities and grounds up, becomes a major problem. Parts and materials for upkeep are vital to the welfare of the company and all persons involved.

Employee suicide can be attributed to work places like this!

How many work places do you know that have had 3 to 4 suicides in less than 5 years, or a company who has 2 to 3 suicides in a little over 2 and a half years? It is rare for a workplace to have had one person commit suicide, let alone 3 or more. This definitely says there is a problem, could this be the pressure point, problems outside of the workplace, combined with the workplace. When a work place has this many employees commit suicide, you can be sure there is some kind of connection, something or someone who is responsible, direct or indirectly. There is always a cause that pushes these people over the edge to take their own life. Some of the causes could be depression, fear of consequences, for something or the work place itself, its environment, certain people or events. are there lots of places like this, I don’t know. I have heard of one. Suicide what is the pressure point. what pushes people over the edge. one suicide outside or within a workplace is bad, what is the common denominator for suicides.

The new work place violence or place of violence work and school the new nightmare. thoughts on this topic at a later date.

By DAdiffer

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