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Keep Your Rights And Liberties, Hold All Politicians Accountable


June 19, 2018


POLITICS: Government & Companies!

POLITICS: Government & Companies! A Backstabbing Cutthroat Decorum! The different types of syndromes, the lies and Treachery of these types of people who use politics. they have backstabbing cutthroat traits that contribute to the evolution of  undesirable partisan superiors, which causes the destruction of self-motivated employee, supervisor or officials  that causes deterioration’s in governments and companies.


  Liberals the courts jesters, the evil ones. Makes you wonder if they are intelligent, by the way they act and the crap They pull. SPOILED BRATS & CRY BABIES Sure does fit them. THEY always throw TEMPER TANTRUMS, RIOT AND VANDALIZE When they don’t get their ways.   THE above pictures show how crazy

Picture Descriptions:

Picture Descriptions: of the 9th circus court, nutty 9th or the 9th circuit court, these pictures match a lot of their decisions; these pictures are probably their way of thinking and debating. Preoccupation of the circuit court judges minds or brains if they have any. My observations, beliefs and opinions of these clowns.    

9th circuit court or 9th circus court

9th circuit court or 9th circus court or nutty 9th, clearly when the 9th circuit court is in session the circus is clearly in town. A copy from another site that I like, this is a great piece of writing and journalistic research.   Nicknamed the “nutty ninth,” the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is

Black Lives Matter & is this an Oxymoron Group

Black Lives Matter & is this an Oxymoron group Is it not amazing these people call themselves Black Lives Matter, when blacks kill more blacks than all the other races put together, in fact I believe it is close to 3/4 more killed by blacks according to statistic the last time I saw statistics, I

liberal judge & court block immigration ban

I think it is time for people to hold these criminal judges, courts and politicians accountable. The criminal elite organizations and people are responsible for the death of a lot of Americans by illegals and terrorist that they let in this country and people who lose family members on account of these criminals should be

Liberals & Muslims; their violent similarities!

Liberals & Muslims; their violent similarities!   criminal liberals, keep attacking trump supporters, this shows, they are what they claim others to be, they are an intolerant violent discriminating, intimidating, lying bunch of scumbags. they are nothing more than terrorist like the Muslim terrorist they back. They and the party that spawns them have been

Liberals show their True Colors

Liberals show their True Colors This is the liberals true colors, they have been doing and showing, for a long time. no one noticed, now we all noticed, (WE THE PEOPLE) HAVE NOTICED AND SPOKEN, GET USE TO IT, WE ARE TIRED OF LIBERAL BIAS; From media bias, to women lib, to every racist liberal

A few more Quotes to ponder.

Virtue, morality and religion; this is the armor, and this alone renders us invincible… Patrick Henry The only foundation for a republic is to be laid in religion… ….. Benjamin Rush It is religion and morality alone which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand……. John Adams Religion and morality are the

Obama’s birth certificate,

This is late and everyone already knows it, nothing is being done. The lie still stands.  Why now, it’s a little late and is not doing any good. unless it can undo the damage putting it out now serves no purpose. Arapio News Release. Sheriff Joe: Obama’s Long-form Birth Certificate Is Fraudulent I expected more

The government is like a baby; it has a happy appetite at one end, and no responsibility at the other.” Ronald Reagan

The government is like a baby; it has a happy appetite at one end, and no responsibility at the other.” Ronald Reagan   America must reject the military industrial complex. The tragedy of our foreign policy is driven not by what our leaders believe is best for the people but by the drive for profits

Voter Machine fraud, is stealing peoples votes,.

Voter Machine fraud, is stealing peoples votes, Voter Machine fraud, is stealing peoples votes. Soros has stock in the machine company, all his assets should be impounded and used for all the damages he has done to this country, and he himself imprisoned for the rest of his life. it also seems polling people should

The Buddy, Buddy, Kinfolk, Neighbor, Job Discrimination in the U.S.

Job Discrimination in the U.S, by who you know instead of what your know. Fair play, integrity, morals, ethic and honesty in local, state, federal governments, and companies is none existent. Job Discrimination is The buddy, buddy, kinsfolk neighbor system of networking. This is Discrimination against the knowledgeable skilled experience person. This job discrimination is astronomical

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